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1. Helmets are mandatory. 2. A visible board must be tied to the front of your bike's handle bars. 3. Please stay on the marked routes for your own safety. 4. Smoking is not permitted on the trails. 5. The trails are only accessible between sunrise and sunset. 6. No picnics are allowed anywhere on the estate. 7. For snack and drinks, please consider support the staff-run coffee shop and bar. 8. Please respect the trails. Our trails have been laboriously cut so that we as riders and runners can enjoy the natural beauty surrounding us. 9. Please do not litter or destroy the flora. 10. Consider your skill and fitness levels before embarking on the trails. 11. Make a point of checking the weather conditions before commencing a ride or run. 12. Always inform a family member, friend or neighbour before riding or running.

13. Please respect wildlife. Do not engage or try to touch a wild animal.


You can purchase your Day Permit online on our website HERE.

By purchasing a Day Permit, we implore you to submit your permission via an indemnity form for your own safety. Day Permits may also be purchased in our shop.

A Day Permit allows you access to the trails on for the day in which you have purchased your permit.

Please respect the land and its wildlife and flora.

Bloemendal Wine Estate is a Private Property.

We look forward to seeing you outside!

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